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AVOID THIS PLACE!!! I ordered from Salwa Chef last night for the very first time and definitely me my last. When I phoned to make an order at 8:00 pm I was told that there was NO CHICKEN.... ONLY CHICKEN TIKKA??? (Strange) We decided to order the chicken tikka anyway and other meals and extras that came to a total of £23.10. After the guy on the phone taking my address details and contact information, I was told the food would be with us within 45 minutes. (to this point everything was fine, until....) 9:00pm - I called Salwa Chef back to find out the status of the order and how long it would be, I was advised that the driver was on his way and may be stuck in traffic, I accepted this and decided to wait..... 20 minutes later, being concerned I called back again, this time another older gentleman answered and was rude and obnoxious, he told me to stop calling and that the food would be there soon but had no idea of time. I couldn't believe as a paying customer and just to find out when my food was going to arrive, would be spoken to like this. I was amicable and left it and thought it might have been a valid reason the food wasn't already with us.

10:20 pm (2 hours 20 minutes later) I called Salwa Chef to advise them to cancel my order as I didn't want cold food, he advised me the driver was on his way, obviously been quite irate at this point and getting nowhere I became frustrated and told the guy thanks for wasting my time. He didn't even apologise for the inconvenience.

In the end I ended up ordering from another takeaway that did deliver on time this was at 10:30 pm. (food came within 30 minutes)

The funniest part about all of this is that Salwa Chef did actually deliver at 11:00pm, 3 hours after we ordered. The driver was telling us we need to take the food and waited outside the house for 10 minutes.

Never got chance to try the food but because of the bad customer service and general experience I would never ever order from this place even if it was the last place to get food from on the earth!!!

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My girlfriend and I ordered a "Buy one get one free" deal from a local takeaway called Salwa Chef, 30 Whittaker Lane, Prestwich, Manchester, M25 1FX.

As we ate the pizzas we realised the pizzas didn't taste right and that the base seemed to taste unusual.

We turned the pizzas over to investigate and to our utter disbelief noticed mould all over the base.

We felt sickened by this and vowed never to use this establishment again.

I think an investigation should be made into the ethical hygiene standards this establishment deems "appropriate" for public trade.


I've had problems with the quality of the food from salwa chef before too. *** happens! just find somewhere else

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